Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference “City of Equal Opportunities”

Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference

“City of Equal Opportunities”

May 05, 2019 On the basis of the College “Ugresha”, the Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference “City of Equal Opportunities” (Dzerzhinsky, Akademik Zhukov St., 24) will be held.

The organizers of the conference are:

– Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region;

– Administration g.Dzerzhinsky;

– Center for the development of vocational education of the state institution of higher education at the Academy of Social Management

– GAPUU MO “College” Ugresha “;

– Branch “Ugresha” of the state university “Dubna”;

The heads of municipal authorities and social services, heads of educational institutions, pedagogical and social workers, scientists, public figures, parents, students, students, representatives of youth organizations, volunteers, etc. are invited to participate in the conference.

The conference will be discussed questions:

the organization of a barrier-free environment: the experience of creation and development prospects;
regional problems of inclusive education;
experience in organizing inclusive education in institutions of pre-school, general, vocational education, in organizations of additional education.
The conference will include: a plenary session with presentations by specialists in the implementation of the Accessible Environment program and in the field of inclusive education, master classes, panel discussions, and presentations.

Planned to publish a collection of conference materials.

In-person participation is possible (with and without a report) and correspondence participation with the publication of abstracts of the report in the Conference Proceedings.

The draft Conference Program will be submitted until May 30, 2019. on the website of the college “Ugresha”

To participate in the conference, you must provide the following information:

Applications for participation in the conference and abstracts are accepted by e-mail; until May 28, 2019. Please indicate in the subject line “conference”.
Requirements for the application and abstracts are given in the annex to the informational message.
The application and abstract should be in different files with the names: &&& _ application.doc and &&& _ report.doc.
According to the results of the Conference, all participants will receive certificates.

A collection of conference materials will be posted on the website http: ///, and also presented in print one month after the conference (at the request of the participants).

For more information, please call:

– contact person: Kurtukova Maria Andreevna, 8-926-764-85-08,;

– Contact person: Tatiana Chudnova, 8-915-247-18-66,

Application to the informational message


Full Name

Place of work

Degree, title
Contact phone numbers
Suggestions for participating in sectional work: the presentation of master classes, etc.
Participation with report / without report
Title of the report
Sample of theses of the report





E. A. Petrova (author’s full name)

bold italic centered

Country, city, organization name

lowercase letters, centered

Text size – up to 4 pages.

Editor Microsoft OfficeWord (format .doc, .docx), the size of all fields – 2.5 cm, indention – 1 cm, text alignment to the width of the page. Font TimesNewRoman, size (size) 14, spacing – one and a half.

Do not apply styles, do not use the “Lists” function and special features provided by the “Format – Paragraph – Position on Page” menu; exclude automatic transfers.

Highlighting in the text is allowed only in italic and bold.

R e ary and underscore are excluded. References to the literature are arranged in the following way: in the text of the article in square brackets after the quotation, first indicate the sequence number of the source, and then, after the comma and space, the page number. For example, [7, 125]. Footnotes to several sources with the indication of the pages are separated by a semicolon: [8, 16; 2, 43]. The list of references (no more than 10 sources) is printed after the main text with a size (size) 10 and is made out in accordance with GOST.

All materials are sent to the e-mail of the Organizing Committee.


All materials are printed in the author’s edition.

Please check the text for literacy.

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