Happy Birthday to the Director of the Ugrash Center, Babken Mushegovich Baloyan

Today is a special and important day for the SINS.

Our main motivator, strict mentor and ideological inspirer is the director of the college and the Ugresh branch, Babken Mushegovich Baloyan, celebrates his 70th birthday.

Over the 20 years of work, Babken Mushegovich managed to create a unique educational institution in Dzerzhinsky. Here, graduates receive not only a diploma, but also an important life experience that can only be transmitted by a true mentor in the world of knowledge and aspirations.
Under the leadership of Babken Mushegovich, the staff of the Central Scientific Center “Ugresha” became a real family. And you can always come to the director’s office and have a heart-to-heart talk, sincerely and without hiding, as with a friend, as with your father.

The staff, students wholeheartedly congratulate the director and wish them many more years of productive work. And graduates promise more often to come to their mentor, who opened them a big road to life.


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