Credit and examination session 2020

Due to the temporary transition to distance learning, session 2020 is held by videoconference using Skype, Google hangouts, Discord platforms.
Credits can be accepted based on the results of tasks performed by students during the semester. The procedure of protection of course works the teacher informs students independently.

During the examination, the student names the ticket number, the teacher sends the ticket to the student ‘s e-mail in electronic form, the student prepares a written answer, makes his scan or photo and sends it to the teacher, then the teacher accepts the exam by videoconference. During the examination, the teacher can keep a record.

⚠️ Computers of teachers and students have to be without fail equipped with webcams and microphones.
⚠️ during offsets and examinations switching off of computers and webcams is forbidden. Students are prohibited from using communication means during examinations and credits, except for those established by this procedure.

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